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USBeDuino Project Answered


I just want to inform you about a new project, which bring a tiny microcontroller board for your home automatication, to you. It is called "USBeDuino".

What is USBeDuino?

basically it is a microcontroller board with 3 shields, which, when combined make a very great platform for home automatication.


Processor: Attiny85

2 x 3A PWM Output sink channel
3 x Analog input channel
1 onboard poti
2 onboard Buttons
Input Voltage 5-24V
Small size

The idea behind the board:

Sometimes you need only projects with very less pins, such as light controlling or pump controll (in the garden).
Then you dont want to use a full arduino, with a power or a relay shield... then you can use the USbeDuino!


Please tell me, what do you think about this project? Does it have potential?


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6 years ago

There is already Adafruit Gemma and Trinket on the market. I think there is a Lilypad attiny version on Sparkfun and maybe some others out there. Your stacking shields format seems to overly complicate the use of the product. Good luck.