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Uber Futon Answered

I am making plans to make a futon mat and my only delemma is that I can not figure out what to fill it with. I want to use organic cotton bating and possibly have some kind of comfy foam in one layer. Its gotta be roll-up-able and such. With the foam, I'm not sure what it is... where to get it... or if i should get it in tiny little squares that act as filler or as a pad. Any suggestions?


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14 years ago

Open cell foam is what's in most couch cushions and you can get it in every craft store I've ever been in, though the price is a bit high for me. Reconstituted foam (made out of lots of little bits of different foam scraps all glued together) is both cheaper and denser, which might be a good thing in your case. It could be thinner than OC without feeling whatever is under it. Of course, most of my experience with foam is not in making furniture. Included with my advice is a grain of salt.