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Ubuntu crash help, please? Answered

One of the computers in my house was awfully slow, so I installed Ubuntu to speed it up and add stability. (Yes, I could have just added more RAM. But that wouldn't be free, would it?) Being my first time using Ubuntu, I was really surprised at how much I could push the processor without running out of memory. However,I still have one problem, which seems to be occurring every three days, or so.

Spontaneously, the screen turns black for a few seconds, then flashes white, vertical, one-inch wide bars at one-second intervals.

I've searched everywhere on the internet, yet I don't even know what the white bars mean. Does anyone know what the bars are, maybe what the cause is, and how I might go about fixing it?


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Best Answer 10 years ago

That sounds like a hardware issue to me. Maybe overheating, a component failure (graphics card perhaps) or a power supply problem.
I've not heard of a software problem that causes the symptoms you describe.


Answer 10 years ago

Oh, thanks then.

I searched again with some better keywords, and I think I found the answer:


So I guess it _is_ a graphics card problem.