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Ubuntu set-up? ? Answered

I have a dell computer that I wiped of the Windows OS and installed Xubuntu 8.10, I am trying to intsall Ubunto. I need help installing it. I can not access the internet at the moment on that computer. I did go through the whole process of downloading the system last night before the internet went out on it. I did not get it loaded. It is just downloaded to the desktop. I also have a copy of it on my laptop to put on a disc. I put it on a DVD disc. Once I put that into the computer I did not know where to go from there. IF you can help me figure out the steps I would greatly appreciate it. I do not have a manual or any instructions. I am very new to Linux and firefox. Thank you for your help Mrs. Skunkbait



10 years ago

Did you install using the Ubuntu disk? You may have selected the wrong thing on installation, go back and try again, usually find something you miss.


10 years ago

One questions first--

Did you create a bootable DVD with the Ubuntu download, or just copy the ISO file to a DVD? You'll need to use a DVD writer program (like Sonic or Nero) to convert the ISO file to a usable disk.

Once you have a DVD burned correctly, make sure your computer can boot from the DVD drive. Usually this is the default, but sometime the system BIOS needs to be reset.

Reboot (or turn on) the computer with the DVD in the drive. If the DVD doesn't boot, you should have a 2-5 seconds to enter the BIOS setup. There should be a "boot order" setting somewhere.... BIOS setup programs vary, so its difficult to give an exact description. Here's an example of changing boot order.

Once the disk boots, follow the instructions. Here's a step-by-step guide for installing Ubuntu 8.10. Xubuntu might be different, as it's made for older (slower, less memory) computers--we use it on an old laptop.

If the DVD won't boot (even with the BIOS set correctly) or hangs up due to low memory, you might need to use an Xubuntu boot floppy...