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Ultimate Pi Home Server Answered

I'm new to linux and following through the instructables  for Pi home server. Everything is fine until I try to login to Webmin via ssh from windows 7 PC with `putty` using IP:12321 This lets me login to root @core but can't get the Webmin login screen.

Any help much appreciated



5 months ago

I downloaded the image file with the link provided. Want to unzip it with 7zip. Got a error message. (File cannot be archived). Try to burn it with Balana etcher as is. Got the same error message. Downloaded it again. This time 7zip did unzip it. Burn it to the SD card (64Gb) and put it into the raspberry pi. Switch the power on. Nothing happened. Only the red light came on. No green light. Telling me the card is not read. The Screen on the raspberry stay black. WHAT NOW? According to me the setup procedures in the article could be also suspect. This project must be removed from Instructables. IT DOES NOT WORK !