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Ummm, I have a problem.I cant find half the files on my computer, and I did it accidentally. Can anyone help??? Answered

I hid all in my files in a Recycle Bin look-alike I made, and then I Right-clicked on it and hit properties, I changed its attributes to Hidden, thinking it wouldnt come up in anyone else's searches and people wouldnt be able to see it unless they were on my account. I didnt know I wouldnt be able to find them again. Does anyone know where they have gone and how to get them back???



Best Answer 10 years ago

Ok this is pretty easy just press strart go to search, go to options in the search box and check search hidden files. Then type in one of the files names and click search. From there you should be able to change the files property to not hidden.


10 years ago

Go Control Panel, Folder Options, then find the tab with all the check boxes on it (I can't remember what it's called) and select 'View Hidden Files'. It will be something like that anyway.