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Unable to add description boxes to photos that are not the first photo in an instructable step Answered

When creating a new step-by-step instructable, I am unable to add descriptiong to any photos except the first one in a step. To remedy this I kept switching which photo was first, added my comments, and restored the photos to the correct order. This took a really long time and was very inconvenient, but it got the job done!



7 years ago

With ALL the bugs, kind of makes you NOT want to post ANY more instructables does it not?


Reply 7 years ago

Actually it makes me realize that Instructables is run and built by humans, not perfect machine-robots. It is a free website, and the bugs are dealt with very quickly (this one is already fixed), so I will continue to post Instructables for a very long time.


8 years ago

That's a known bug (I know it's known because I reported it as well!), and HQ are working on it.


Reply 8 years ago

Thank you! I am loving all the new changes on the site by the way.