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Unavoidable delay to international contest. Answered

This is Kiteman posting, borrowing his son's account.

Sorry folks, due to the recent vandalism of the site, I cannot publish the full details of the International Challenge at the moment.

However, if you are waiting to see what you need to Make to enter, I can reveal that it needs to be something with a (very) vaguely "international" theme, whether that is the cuisine of another country, a device to make foreign travel more bearable, or some other Make you can fit into the definition or concept of "international".

Prizes will be:

> One first prize of a full 12 month pro membership
> One second prize of a six month membership
> Two runners-up of single 3-month memberships.
> Various patches

Entrance will be open to all members, regardless of location, but the pro memberships will only be awarded to entrants currently excluded from official contests.



8 years ago

I'll kick in another 12-month pro membership to add a second first prize (with Kiteman's approval, of course).


Reply 8 years ago

Thanks for the bump - this got caught in the filters.

The problems are nearly fixed...