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Underground Tube Air Conditioning Answered

I have long heard about using buried tubes/pipes to use as a heat exchanger to take the hottter air from your house, blow it through a system of closed loop underground pipes in order to use the earth mass as a heat exchanger. The earth mass removes/absorbes heat from the house air in the pipes and delivers cooled air back into the house.
Can anyone direct me to web sites about this subject. Or, certainly, if you have knowledge about this, reply to me with it?

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9 years ago

The commercial systems I've seen use a moderately deep well, and water, to pump heat into during summer and pull heat back out of during winter. Water is much more effective at transferring heat energy, and the deeper you go the better insulated your energy storage will be.


9 years ago

Look for references to "Earth TUbes" will yield lots of interesting work.


9 years ago

Depending on how hot it is above ground you have to go pretty deep (10 feet or more) to get to cooler temps.

Here's something to get you started.

Then google "underground ac" and "underground cooling" to get more.