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Underground Webcam Answered

I have a problem with the city Department of Public Works. There is a collapsed culvert in my backyard, which causes my yard and basement to flood. I am trying to come up with some footage to prove to the city that the culvert is (FOR SURE) collapsed in the middle somewhere. I am thinking of constructing some sort of wireless web cam / led light setup that i can push up the length of the culvert to record what is actually going on to prove to the city that they DO have a problem and where exactly it can be found. I am thinking of a rugged sort of wire (similar to a coat hanger) and a 2 liter bottle (or similar) to house the cam and some small led flashlights. The device will need to be pretty small... have light and be able to stay somewhat upright so it won't flip upside down once in the "tunnel". I am looking for some ideas on how to execute this. If you have any recommendations, please send a shout my way. I would love to get some great proof to head straight down to the DPW and see what they have to say then.
I have even called the local news team to help me with exposing the problem. To see the story that was on the news, go here...


The photo shows the receiver and the wireless cam i am thinking of using.
Or maybe i would be better off using a wired cam, due to the signal loss of being underground, either way, i have some really small cameras i can use, it is just a matter of the housing and the lighting... and a way to push it and make sure i can get it back later.


Garth Knight

12 years ago

you might give the local news another call, ask if they have any small "rough duty" cameras, and would like to invite city officials out for a followup story. With everyone standing around, the camera man can run the camera on a stick through the pipe. Should make for good television. Another note: Plumbers often have cams they use to check out sewer mains. See if one can come by and scope it out. Good Luck GK


12 years ago

. Excellent question, except you didn't say how far you have to go to get your pictures. If it's only eight feet or so, you could mount the cam/lights on a 2x4 and feed the board into the culvert. . The remote will probably work if you put the receiver at the opening of the culvert, so it can "see" the cam.