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Understanding microcontrollers? Answered

what are they, and what do they do?



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Putting it in your terms, 
Imagine Five great H2O balloon launchers with working Steam Punk
six minute balloon release timers for a grand war event,  But the war was
just rescheduled and you must spend 7 hours changing cams in your
timers to get ready for your water war, that was postponed because
you took much too long.  sorry
Now, you have a..... microcontroller IC ( integrated 8 pin black circuit ) timing the pull solenoid release that will launch of each water balloon..
( Each micro needs two AA batteries+3V  for operation two pins )
( one pin to activate a tiny transistor that pulls a tiny solenoid release )
( three more pins for taking instructions from a text file from your PC )..
This time when a war is just rescheduled,  all you have to do is type a
changed number to your timer text file.  Then using one signal cable
you send the new timer setting to each micro in a few seconds each.
Ready for your rescheduled war in less then 5 minutes !!!



8 years ago


This kind of question you can better answer yourself with a quick search. Perhaps you should research the simple things yourself, you could then come back with better questions with narrower answers like... "Which microprocessor is better for a beginner, PIC or Atmel" or "can anybody recommend an easy to use micropressor development platform for a beginner, why is it ideal?"


8 years ago

A microcontroller (sometimes abbreviated µC, uC or MCU) is a small computer on a single integrated circuit containing a processor core, memory, and programmable input/output

Microcontrollers are used in automatically controlled products and devices, such as automobile engine control systems, implantable medical devices, remote controls, office machines, appliances, power tools, toys and other embedded systems.

(right off wikipedia :P)