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Underwater, Ambient, Aquarium Lighting Answered

I am building a DIY foam/crete background for my cichlid tank and would like to run LEDs underwater as ambient lighting under ledges etc. I want to run lines with single lights placed strategically in the background. Any thoughts on how I might approach this inexpensively?



5 years ago

I use headphone cord. It is watertight. I only cover with airline where I make circuitry. So I only need to waterproof the end with the LED on it. Makes everything much easier.


7 years ago

i experimented once using a single led, aquarium hose(the ones used for airstones or airfilters) and a 9v battery. i wired the led(with resistor) and inserted it inside the hose. At the tip of the hose i pushed the led in, slightly heating the tip of the hose so that the base of the led is inside the hose. Make sure that the hose around the led is really tight so it will be waterproof and of course the battery should be secured at the side of the tank(not on top of the tank because it my fall off. i've tried it only once and still haven't really started on my "lighted tank" project. the only problem i can think off right now using this setup is the 1:1 lead to hose ratio so if you want to put many led inside the aquarium there would be so much hose that you need to hide.