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Unsymmetrical Picture Frame Answered

So I was given these really cool, very colorful tree bark paintings that I cannot wait to get up on the walls!  They have lots of funky neon colors and designs with edges that aren't even which gives them a lot of character!  The only thing though I don't want to put holes in them and stick them on the wall like that.  I bought a regular picture frame just to see how it would look.  Doesn't really work.  There's space between the edge of the picture and the picture frame and just takes away the natural feel to it.  I've been wanting to make picture frames out of sticks or something but just can't figure out how to make them "trap" the picture.  Not really looking to have glass in front of it either.  Any wear on them would just make them look more natural.  Maybe I should seal them so they don't fade if I don't want glass in front of it.... Hmm.... Anywho, if anyone has any suggestions, they are all greatly appreciated!  Thanks!



8 years ago

Why not glue some sort of loop to the back of the picture to hang it with.


8 years ago

You should post pics of the paintings to get get suggestions. How about sawing logs or thick branches in half lengthwise to glue over the standard wood frame. That way you get an organic look with a standard frame. Use burlap as the matte board background. Good luck.


Reply 8 years ago

Awesome idea! I love the burlap idea. Will get pics up as soon as I can!