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Untwisting/separating thread? Answered

Hi first and foremost I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! I have bought several books, watched countless YouTube videos etc....in an attempt to learn to embroider. So many times I have been on the verge of giving up due to frustration. Until now I have been unable to find a "one stop shop", every resource I've found has just been a little piece here and a little piece there. Your instructables teach and illustrate in the most basic easy to understand way and I have learned how to do every aspect of beginning embroidery. Thanks to you I have a new found love and I feel so artistically inspired. I appreciate it more than you'll ever know.

Now on to my question....before threading your needle do you separate your strands? In the mountain and floral sampler did you use 6 strands for each type of stitch?

Thank you so so much, Sara



Best Answer 4 weeks ago

Aww thank you so much! I'm happy you're found this helpful. :D

The mountain and floral samplers are both six strands to make it a little easier! I only divide floss if I'm working on smaller details like text