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Update! Nominating Instructables to be Featured Group Answered

Hello again. A little background on the NIF (Nominating Instructables to be Featured) Group, it is a group where people can nominate their favorite instructables to be featured in the group profile page. Click here to visit the group. New members are always welcome. This time there is a lot of exciting news to report:

Newly joined members!! Thank you for participating. I can't wait to see your nominations!

Locket Rocket
The Ideanator

Also there are newly nominated instructables. Drumroll please!


Tealight holder made from hard drive parts
by ChrysN
Personalized Cards by gergi11


Making a brass pocket flask by Vidar_76 (nominated by The_Ideanator)
How to Make Your Own Screen Protector (for less than a nickel!) by jen7714
Put images inside QR codes by killerjackalope


Sugru Soft-Jaw Pliers
by mattthegamer463 (nominated by The_Ideanator)

Some more news:

Instructables such as Cinnamon and Sugar Apples by miso_soup, DIY Calligraphy by mhudnall, and How to Make Your Own Screen Protector (for less than a nickel!) by jen7714 got featured by a feature team member. That means that they were actually featured on the homepage. Congratulations!

(A note: I forgot to add this to the groups forum topic post. Is there any way I can add it now?)


The forums are retiring in 2021 and are now closed for new topics and comments.