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Updated published instructable not appearing (still shows old version) Answered

I published my first instructable and then made a few improvements to it but those improvements are not showing up. I searched the forum for answers, having found none I decided to ask.

How long does it take for an updated published instrtuctable to go live?

The old version has no image in the "Intro" or "Step 6" and the first line of the intro reads:
--:{ use simpleTweet_00 to post a tweet when your sensor changes states. }:--
The new version has images in each step, a video added to the "Intro" and many other smaller changes, including the first line: 
Post a tweet when your sensor changes states, using Arduino, Processing, and twitter4j.

I entered it into the "Adafruit Make It Tweet Challenge." Could that have locked in the old version preventing it from updating somehow? I can't believe that'd be the case, and I see no way to remove my entry from the contest, which I do not want to do anyway. 

If it magically fixes itself, I'll repost here, otherwise, please help.


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9 years ago


About half an hour ago I got an email from the contest informing me my entry qualified and had been accepted. And now when I view my instructable it's hunky dory.

Maybe it was hung up on the contest process, I don't know, but I hope this info helps someone else. We're all good here.