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Upgrading the Charging Capabilities of an Android Answered

I would like to know how difficult it would be to swap out the charging port on an S4 for the new hyper charging ports on the new Droid Turbo. I know there is not a lot of free space with in the cell for mods. And I am assuming that the hyper charger is smaller. That being said the tools for a repair swap out do not seem that difficult to master. What else would be needed to make this project successful, a power converter? Basically I want to see if its possible to take the outdated cells people would normally throw away or trade and mod them into something of desire for a cheaper price. Thank you for your time Instructable Community 



5 years ago

You are confusing apples with oranges...

1. The charging port is just the connection, so changing it won't do a thing.

2. You can assume the Moto charging system is matched to the battery.

3. As both devices use completly different hardware I can't see how you wan't to mix it.

Calling a S4 outdated is a bit harsh and I doubt people will throw away a device they can sell for a few hundred bucks.