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Open link in new tab broken. (gets replaced by rel = "nofollow") Answered


I like it when links open in a new tab. And I have lots of links in my new instructable, so I want them to open in a new tab or window.

So, I tried to use the check icon you can see when you edit a link.

I make sure I save my alteration.
Then, I go check it out in the preview. (the preview you get when you click on the title in your drafts)
And I see the link there, I click it, but it doesn't open in a new tab.

Then, I press "edit" to see what went wrong, I check the link editor and see that the checkbox is not checked anymore.


So, I thought, this checkbox is broken, I'll just do it in the code.
I locate the link in the code: (And I notice the weird rel="nofollow")


I change it to "target="_blank"" which should do the trick to open the link in a new tab.  I make sure that I save my alteration again.

I check my link again in the preview editor and alas, I see again that my link opens in the same window.
And I check the source code as provided by my browser (via the "inspect element" thingie in firefox) and I see again that that "rel="nofollow"" is back again.

I've googled, and found that that probably is something to prevent bots from opening those links. A security measure?

Is it possible to re-enable links to open in new tabs?

Thank you!


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