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Use Xbox 360 Controller vibration to control an I/O device for my Vibrating Chair to build and make an instruct-able (The Hillbilly Gaming Chair) Answered

I posted a question similar to this and got few replies maybe i didn't explain myself or their is no interest.

Basically this is what i want to do. I want to use my Xbox 360 controller to control my Vibrating Chair. Its a lounge chair and it just vibrates and it called a "massage chair".

So to do this I though i would take a controller find the wire that sends power to start vibration (i want the controller to keep its vibration functionality too, as the chair will have no intensity it will only turn on and off with what i have in mind) i want to wire that to a switch that when the chair is on already it will flip the switch that will give the chair the power and start to vibrate then stop.

so this chair plugs into a wall wort to the chair uses DC power (i am a beginner modder/hacker) so i think their would be no problem doiong this hack by doing the following:

1) drill a hole in my controller
2) connect a wire to the part of the controller that tells it to vibrate
3) somehow make that into a way i can make a power switch
4) connect the wire from the controller to the switch
5) connect the switch to the power input

In my mind this would work by the controller sending a signal to the power switch and while the chair is in the on position this switch will become the new way the chair activates (while the switch and controller is installed)  the power is supplied my a dc power adapter and i plan to put the switch in between where the power plug plugs into the chair so it would be a removable part easily plug and play.
I will post the chair voltages and give info and pictures when i find out if it is possible and if so how to do it basically then if you wish to help me i will get with you for the facts to create this and ill make an instruct-able (maybe this is something others can do but never thought of? or it has been thought of but their is little interest or doesn't work well) either way I want to try or find out what happens trying....

I would like to do it but i would need some help on what i would need and if some circuitry is required i hope its at a minimum and the most parts already built would be best for me. Thank you

Most important EVERYONE that helps me will be cited in my instruct-able it would be the least I could do.



4 years ago

i know this is an old post but i thought i would lend my insight. i have made this chair for both my xbox 360 and my Xbox one.

The issue i would see for any person to do what i did is that it involved many parts some electronic know how and a lot of trial and error. having said that i will explain the best i can on how i did it.

Since all controller vibration comes down to the same thing a D/C motor this is the easy part. open the controller and replace the motor wires with your own wires. know you can do what you suggested above and simply drill a hole in your controller but i put a phone jack and glued it to my controller so i can have easy detach. know the tricky part, i had to design a low voltage switch that will take the vibration voltage from the controller and flip a 12V d/c relay that activates the chair vibration.

I know this sounds all fine and dandy but there are some losses when doing this. the low voltage switch has a .7v need to turn on which dosn't seem like much but for the 360 it means you lose some of the vibration sensitivity ( lower rumbles won't do anything to the chair) also on the 360 you will lose controller vibration do the need of that current to flip the switch but, if you do this with the Xbox one this isn't issue do to the extra motors in the One controller. another thing is the need to have the controller plugged in at all times, batteries will work but having this mod will drain the batteries and since there is wires coming out anyways might as well wire it up or mod a wired controller.

If this don't frighten you away yet just post a reply and i'll take a snap shot of the schematic i drew for the for the low voltage switch i designed all the parts minus maybe the phone jacks can be bought at radio shack and you will need some soldering skills as well as a volt meter.

Also i want to say that even thought i've done this that in any way dosn't make me an expert so do this at your own risk i take no responsibility.


7 years ago

I've been wondering the same thing, but I have a similar expertise level.
As far as I know, a rumble unit is simply a motor with a lopsided load, which means that it gets a variety of voltages, all of which would be too small to directly drive all the shakers in a massage chair. These voltages are sent to the shakers in the controller after they have been amplified; I think that they need to be intercepted BEFORE that amplification and sent to the chair, bypassing the chair's timer circuitry.
The "programs" in the chair are simply timers that determine when a voltage is to be sent to the shakers in the chair. If we replace the input from the timer circuitry (really the brain of the chair) with the xbox controller's rumble request, I think that the chair will drive its rumblers at the proper times and with enough juice to move all of them.
Obviously, the schematics will vary from unit to unit and controller to controller.