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Use of well water? Answered

I have well water at my home. I live out in the country. So it is naturally filtered and not distilled. Is this water good for canning or should I buy distilled water?


Paige Russell
Paige Russell

Best Answer 3 years ago

Hi Yvonne,

Do you know if you add chlorine and/or chlorimine to your well water? The chlorine/chloramine added to municipal water and most well water treatment systems can kill the good bacteria necessary for proper lacto-fermentation, which is why it's important to use de-chlorinated, filtered, or distilled water for the Lacto-Fermentation lesson's Green Bean project.

If you only add chlorine to your well water, that's an easy fix - simply leave the amount you need for the recipe out overnight and the chlorine will evaporate and leave the water chlorine-free. If you add chloramine, that doesn't evaporate out of the water, so if that's the case, I'd recommend using distilled water.

Any clean water source, even chlorinated ones, are A-ok to use for Boiling Water Bath Canning without having to de-chlorinate them.

I hope that helps!

Happy making,

Brian M V
Brian M V

1 year ago

we have deep wells too here on Curacao. i wouldn´t use it in any preservation/action though. Our well water contains high(er) amounts of calcium which raises th PH-levels considerably.
Besides what Paige explains, theres alot of other impurity-possibilities in well water so i would have it tested before commencing on serious canning-action!
If your just canning occasionally, just buy some distilled water!