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User profile service cant find my administrator account on my laptop. can you help? Answered

the title pretty much says everything i can only log on in safe mode but then i cant print or anything. also i cant troubleshoot or anything from the standard user account because my administrator password dosnt work.
im running windows 7  32 bit   on a compaq presario cq60 laptop


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9 years ago

First, what OS are you using?
Next, are you loging on to the Admin account in safe mode?
Do you know how to call up the Admin account in the normal logon? Or can you just not find it?

If yours is set up like most the admin account does not appear when you normally log on. It lists only the used accounts that have been added. From this screen you can call up the log in box by hitting Ctrl, alt delete, the 3 key combo, twice. The log in box will then appear and you can type in administrator and then the password.


Answer 9 years ago

no i can see the account when i start the computer and i can get into it in safe mode but if i try to log on in normal mode i get this message
"user profile service service failed the logon. the user profile can not be loaded"
also im running windows 7 32 bit