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Uses for old and broken projectors/overheads Answered

Our school, for some reason has a lot of partially dismantled and broken projectors. This year, all the classrooms have also been installed with a fancier ceiling-projector that connects to laptops and computers instead of just reflecting pieces of overhead paper.

Because it was only recently that the school greenhouse came into use, it's been used as storage. While we could recycle them, I think they could be turned into something useful (preferably for the greenhouse), but I don't have any ideas.

I'd like some ideas or for someone to try and build something. The only idea I've had was to turn it into a planter or pot, but apparently the bulbs won't work with plant lights and wouldn't be bright enough.



8 years ago

The angled piece at the top has two hand-sized magnifying lenses, and a nice mirror.

The top plate of the projector is a large Fresnel lens, good for burning stuff on a sunny day.


8 years ago

I saw one used at an interactive art exhibit. If you put something on the projector, the projected image began to duplicate itself and move around. It was lots of fun, but I have no idea how it was done. Good luck.