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Using Adafruit Motor Shield in MATLAB Answered

Hi All,

I am quite new to robotics, facing an issue and looking for expert advice, appreciate if you can guide me.

I got Aurdino Uno connected to the laptop, set up all good. connected a potentiometer to the board, and could read the voltage in MATLAB from 0 to 5 V, all ok.

Connected a DC motor to Adafruit Motor Shield, connected 5 V DC power to the motor shield. connected the motor shield to the Aurduno board (put it on top of the board, but loose, no soldering involved).  MATLAB is not recognizing the shield and see error message like the hardware disconnected.

This might be a silly question,
I can use  stackable pins, solder to the motor shield and then connect it to the Aurduino board.
In that case, every input/output pins of the Aurdino will be connected to the corresponding terminal in the Adafruit Motor Shield and also available from the top (by stackable pins) to connect potentiometer etc...

Is that how i can get the Adafruit Motor Shield recognized by MATLAB? need to use a few potentiometer for my project, so need to have the analog pins available.

Also, just wondering: which pins establish the communication between Aurduno and Adafruit Motor Shield? using stackabke pins will connect all of them, but i can not figure out how connecting the analog pins of Aurdino to the motor shield adds any value...

Thank you



1 year ago

Analog pins are valuable because they can monitor motor load current...


Answer 1 year ago

PS I do not like metlab because it is poorly designed for real applications !


1 year ago

It should tell you which pins its using in the paperwork.