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Using Arduino Uno with mCar Program? Answered

Makeblock is a software packaged developed around the Me Orion, which is a board that is based off of Arduino, and according to their website, is cross compatible. However, they lack any information on pinouts between the two.

I'd like to make the mCar project, but don't want to purchase the Me Orion. I have everything needed, including the stepper motors, stepper motor drivers, and an Arduino Uno.

However, the car_robot firmware doesn't give pin numbers- instead, it has Port1 and Port2 listed under the included pins. How do these correlate to the Arduino Uno without having a shield? Which pins do I use on the Arduino?

From what I have found, the connection that the first stepper driver would connect to on the Orion consists of 10, 11, GND, V-M,SDA, and SCL. What are the last three on an Arduino Uno?

Same goes for the second, except 9 and 3 is listed. And for the lifting servo, is it really just pin2?

Or another way of looking at it, is how would I figure out what pins are tied to Port1 and Port2 in the script?



Best Answer 2 years ago

Can u find a schematic diagram ?


Answer 2 years ago

Found this compare of the schematics pins available.

Now maybe the board pictures can make sense for shields.

Click the pic to see the whole image...


Answer 2 years ago

Yea, saw that. Only realized afterwards that the yellow column was the Atmega pinout...