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Using Arduino to control circuit to LED strip Answered

Hey guys!

First forum post here.

I am currently trying to design an LED light system where when I place my wallet onto an NFC reader the lights turn on in my room.

I am using an Arduino Uno for this project and I am stumped on how I do it.

I have a separate DC Controller and a 12v, 3A battery to power the LED strips. I just want to use the Uno and NFC reader to either open or close the circuit. I don't want to pass the amperage through the Uno as it will just fry the board.

Is there any way I can control the flow of the circuit without having the power pass through the Uno? I want to keep the power the battery pack supplies and want to make sure I won't just fry my board.

Any help will be appreciated! If you have further questions feel free to ask.



2 months ago

A relay would be the standard choice and will be fairly simple if your not too electrically familiar.

Alternative would be to use an FET as a switch.