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Using GoogleSketchup Answered

Hi I'am new to Sketchup Does anyone know where to get a tutorial or have any tips for Sketchup????



10 years ago

Tutorials can be found by using the "help" tab in the actual program, or by going to the Google SketchUp website. As for tips, experiment! Play around with each tool there is. There's also an instructor that shows how the tools work (and provides the links to more advanced techniques) that can be found in the "window" tab in the program. If you play around with it, you'll learn it pretty quick. If you read about how to use it, you'll still learn it, but not as quickly. Take my advice-I'm attempting to learn how to use a 3D animation/rendering/modeling/compositing/game editing program called Blender. Blender is free like Google SketchUp, but is MUCH more powerful. And with that power, comes complexity. I'm doing tutorials, reading wikis, and even checking out books at my local library so I can learn how to use this program. I must say, If you can use Blender, the only limit there is on what you can make is your imagination! So remember- "They tell me and I forget. They show me and I remember. I do and I understand!"