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Using L293D Chip for a Single 1 Amp Motor? Answered

The L293D chip outputs only 600ma of current for each channel. Can I combine its two channels to draw a total current of 1.2 A to run a single DC motor that needs 1A current?



Best Answer 4 years ago

You can probably get away with it. Having some small shunt resistors on the output of each channel before they are parallelled up together will be a good engineering practice, but most likely not necessary if the output of each driver is not attempting to regulate voltage with it's own negative feedback loop. AKA, In this case, it appears that the totem pole output stage is driven high or low, and with PWM. I can't imagine a small package like that handling 600mA/channel in a linear mode.

You *would* use current sharing resistors if you wanted to parallel the output of several linear voltage regulators, and generally you would not fool with tryng to parrelel up switchmode supplies. All sorts of bad things can happen.


4 years ago

Not unless you use current sharing resistors.