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Using a 74141/7441 or KM115 Answered

I'm having much difficulty understanding 74141/KD115 chips. Do I supply the Vcc and GND pins with the 140 volts I'm using to drive the nixies? I'm guessing that each output of the 74141 would go to each of the nixies anodes, but do not know this for sure. A quick tutorial or explanation would be much appreciated. Thanks,


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8 years ago

NO don't put 140V into the Nixie drivers. Check the Data sheet for the chips and see what there supply voltage should be.

Looking at the 74141 it needs no more then 7V on the VCC.

Found this great site that covers those driver chips and should help you in getting things up and running.

BTW if the tube requires 140V to run then maybe you need to find a different driver chip for it.