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Using a PDA as a timelapse computer for controlling my DSLR Answered

I posted a similar message in reply here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Olympus-Evolt-E510-Remote-Cable-Release-Version-2/

But no-one replies...

The above instructable and the timelapse instructable using a TI calculator, inspired me in thinking about using my PDA with a time-lapse program for controlling my Olympus E-510.

I want a program on my PDA with the capability of completely controlling my camera. I don't want to use a laptop, because that doesnt fit in my pocket and I dont want to use Olympus software, because.. becasuse it doesnt have a program for my PDA.
My PDA has windows-mobile 6. (dutch)
(english isnt my native language)

In my vision this "to-be-developed" program must have the capability of setting things like shutter speed, aperture, whitebalance, etc And things like mirror-up with bulb exposures.
But most of all timing large exposures with bulb and timing for repeated exposures for timelapse photography.

I found this: http://www.astromist.com/palmdslr.html
But that's for a Palm PDA (and some other camera) and is not completely what I want.

Too bad I'm not a software engineer. So who can help me?
Can somebody make a program for a windows-mobile platform, or is that a problem because of royalties for our just retired friend Bill Gates?
Than, what other possibilities do I have?


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12 years ago

I have no idea... =\

-reverse engineering the software you mentioned may help, that's if it's feasibly something you know how to.