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Using a USB Bluetooth bundle into a home brewed device Answered

Hey everyone,

I am a student in software engineering and I am leading a project with other folks in software and electric engineering as some artists which consist of developing a computer game that use a home brewed device.

That device is essentially a wii-mote ripoff: we will use some gyroscopes and accelerometer to get user input.

However, some of the parts we are looking for are very expensive, we need to do 3 of theses devices and we don't have a big budget :)

Since the most expensive part is the bluetooth transmitter (our device needs to be wireless), I was looking for a workaround.

First, why bluetooth? Well we thought using some FM or RF stuff, however that implies some rare stuff that is not embedded in our student computers and even more expensive...

So that's why we thought using bluetooth...

And my question is...
Is that possible and not so complicated to use those cheap USB bluetooth bundle such as these ones: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=bluetooth+adapter ?

When I say not so complicated, I mean that we won't have a big controller... we will have just what we need to get the data from analogical sensors turn it into digital data and send it over USB.

Looking over the web I found that some RS232 to bluetooth bundles exists, however they are very expensive...

It might be an utopia, electrical stuff is really not my field of study.

Thanks for your help!


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