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Using a USB port as a power supply to mess with electronics Answered

Hi everyone. Over the past few years Ive been wanting to get around to messing with electronics. Ive learned basic things like ohms law and super basic circuits...(led,resistor,power supply) however i dont learn well with TEXT TEXT TEXT, but rather doing it and finding out what happens.

So I have a ton of electroncs laying around which I rip apart and pull components out of. 
Today I stuck a tiny 5v, 0.5w fan into my USB on the + and - and had it turn on... Anyone know what else I can screw around with? I would rather do this than use batteries and such. I need a funner way to learn electronics :S Any help please? Fun projects?


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11 years ago

Try various things with LEDs, motors, or work your way up to circuits that make sounds, sensors, robotics... etc. Just search for the projects you can do on instructables starting out that interest you.  Good luck.