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Using a laser printer on sign vinyl? Answered

Question:  I've gotten a nice sized scrap of  sign vinyl from where I work at, and I'm wanting to cut out a replacement logo for the side of my pedal-start moped.  I can do it by hand okay if I could transfer the design onto the sign vinyl and follow it.  (because, I don't have access to a vinyl cutter or a Cricut type machine.) Can you do the toner transfer method from a transparency made in a laser printer, or would that melt the vinyl?  Or, if cut to proper size, could you print directly onto the vinyl, if the printer's paper path were essentially straight?  It wouldn't have to be permanent, just on the surface to follow it.  This stuff is pretty opaque, so a light table won't work either.

Thanks for your time!


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8 years ago

Carbon or graphite paper to trace might not work since the surface is slippery. Maybe take one of those waxy china marking pencils or a crayon and rub all over the back of your print. Then place that on top of the vinyl and trace with a ball point pen. Running any kind of plastic through a laser printer is really taking a chance on gumming up the transfer drum and workings. The other thing to do is to tape the original over the vinyl and then prick out the lines with an awl or needle to simulate what a cricut does, finish the outline and cut with an xacto knife. Good luck.