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Using both carrot oil and carrot seed oil in a homemade sunscreen Answered

I've been researching making my own natural sunscreen using coconut oil and shea butter as a carrier for a few base oils (like avocado oil and red raspberry seed oil) as well as aloe and beeswax.

All of the recipes I've found online say to use carrot seed oil, which is an essential oil, although they don't specify this and a lot have pictures of what looks like base carrot oil. (carrot seed essential oil being more light yellow in color and carrot oil being more golden)


That's a link to one of many articles that talk about the difference between the carrot seed essential oil and base carrot oil. There are others you can find on the first page of google that go into a little bit more depth about the differences.

From what I gather, the carrot seed oil is supposed to have a really high SPF, while the carrot oil is supposed to be great for sun tanning and evening out skin tone, etc.

What I can't find is any documentation on whether both can or should be used in making your own natural sunscreen. I am hoping to use both and just wanted to know if it would be a good idea. Thanks.


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5 years ago

Thank you for your info, did you make the sunscreen yet? How did it turn out?!


6 years ago

So I actually found some solid information here:


That resolved a little bit of confusion. It seems there are three different products.

1. Carrot Seed Essential Oil (yellow)
2. Carrot Seed Carrier Oil (green)
3. Carrot Base Oil (gold/brown)

This also had a little bit of helpful information:


From what I can gather, they are all good for the skin and for tanning and for sun protection, with the seed oil offering the higher SPF and the EO being more concentrated nutrient-wise offering the most SPF. My thought is to mix all 3.

I'm thinking equal parts Carrot Seed Carrier Oil with Red Raspberry Seed oil plus a dozen or two drops of Carrot Seed EO, then mix this all with avocado oil, filtered whole plant aloe vera gel, coconut oil, beeswax and shea butter to make my sunscreen.

I'll let you know how it turns out. If anyone can provide anymore information regarding the mixing of these 3 different carrot oils I would greatly appreciate it.

Just FYI, I found Carrot Base Oil here:


So I think that successfully confirms 3 different carrot oils.