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Using headphones for listening to tv.? Answered

My panasonic tv does not have bluetooth. I have new Marley headphones. Theywork well but not when the channel says Dolby or no good with Netflix as they appear to all transmit in Dolby. I purchased both a digital to analogue converter and bluetooth transmitter as advised but still cannot get Netflix audio or those channels using Dolby.
Is it because bluetooth will not transmit analogue??


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3 years ago

If your TV does not support Bluetooth, then you may have to buy Bluetooth transmitter, such as the one here. I'm sorry that your headphones aren't working out, but I give my best wishes for you to get them up and working.


3 years ago

I think the main issue is DRM in your case.
For protected content all attached devices must comply with the standards and regulations to keep the security up.
BT pairing is good if you only listen to music, for games and movies the lag is often too much to enjoy.
One reason why I insisted my new TV not only produces more than the standard tin can sound but also offers a headphone output.

The only ways I found while trying to save problem with my old TV:
1. Try to set the sound mode of the TV to stock standard stereo, no movie effects or similar.
If that is not enough:
2. Check if your app or Android system also allow for different audio modes and if so set them to stereo only or stero downmix.
I really hope it works now because what follows is dirty cheating:
3. Most TV's only have two speakers built in.
You can add a headphone jack that cuts the ground connection when you plug headphones in - it is a standard for good plugs so they are easy to find.
To make it work for the headphones without making them smoke you need to add a resistor devider.
For each channel that is two resistors or better a stereo potentimeter to make it adjustable.
Otherwise you need some more electronics to match the impendance of the headphones with the speaker output and to limit the level.
4. If you have the money get a decent amp and make a home cinema system out of the TV but make sure the amp has a jack for headphones.