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Using router bits with drill machine? Answered

I have no router machine and i want to use router bits with my dremel drill. Can i do?



Best Answer 2 years ago

Aside from the very real safety hazard this presents, your rotary tool isn't really equipped to handle the forces from a router bit. A hand router has speed and torque, allowing the wood to be cleanly cut from the wood.


2 years ago

Two thoughts:

Harbor Freight has a pretty decent router/trimmer that I've gotten a lot of use from. It's regularly on sale for $30.

Dremel has some small router bits and a plunge router accessory that they sell. I don't own it, so I can't attest to its value. They also have a shaper table (think router mounted upside-down, similar to a circular saw mounted for use as a table saw) accessory that I do have and can say that it's decent. Remember, Dremel's only accept 1/8" bits where most router bits are 1/4".

Given a choice between only one of the two, I'd pick the Harbor Freight trimmer router.