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Using the IRDA port on my toshiba satellite 2520cds Answered

I got this old gem a month ago from a guy that recently and obviously needed a new one, but it worked this long surprisingly for power points. I must admit that it runs decently fast with xp and not having turned anything but system restore off. It's got a 333mhz amd 3D processor which I want to try upgrading with a k6 down the road as it IS removable. 96mb of ram and a lousy 4gig hd that slows the whole system down. But that is barely important. I had a swell idea of utilizing the irda port on the back for controlling it via a tv remote or any I might have kicking around which I have plenty of. Also, I wanted to be able to CONTROL my tv, vcr, dvd player, ect with it in itself aswell.Google didn't help me much this round as apparently there is software (which I did try) avalible but it's meant for home made or certain commercial infrared ports that plug in via serial, usb and perhaps parellel that I saw. I also saw a hint of what seems to be that the built in irda sensor in most laptops aren't able to receive commands from most remotes for learning or controlling it due to the filtered out bands. But they are supposedly capable of sending commands just fine. Now this is a OLD OLD laptop and there could be a chance that it can receive the commands too? Even still, you could pull it apart and modify the sensor to accept signals couldn't you? I'm looking for something to do with this laptop and this seems perfectly suitable for it as the screen is older and has that "motion blur" effect to it and so makes playing nes games a bit hard :-P. Sorry for the long post, but hey, if someone could help me with this, it would certainly make me happy.


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make your own remote?
the device maybe connected to motherboard by like internal usb?
I'm not entirely sure about that, but i know many inbuilt web-cams are usb, including the Toshiba i's writing this on. you may be able to get an infra-red pc remote to work with it otherwise, many of these come with USB receivers, but sometimes you can ignore these completely (I got one from Austria, didn't work with the usb receiver though. a couple of years later, with a new laptop with infra-red receiver, it worked without the usb thing)
no ideaa what exactly you want to do with your VCR DVD player etc. (VCR? I know this is a few years old, but obsolete much?)