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Using two UPS to charge battery together? Answered

Hello Everyone,

I need your help with this. I have two UPS (exact same model) Sendon 1000 VA. Each of them use two 12V 10 Amp battery in series. Now I want to use both UPS together to charge a pair of car batteries (12V 35 Amp each).

Is it possible to do so? Using two same model UPS on same battery? I know there is a possibility of power back flow / de-phrasing that may damage the UPS. Please suggest me if I need to use some kind of circuits to keep the two UPS separate.

Thank You.



8 years ago

No, its a bad idea to link them like this. Why do you want to ?


8 years ago

"10 Amp battery" doesn't mean anything, and 10Ah sounds weedy.
Why do you want to use 2 UPS when one was built to do the job you describe?