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V-22 osprey tilt rotor aircraft model Answered

Hi i'm new to rc planes and drones so im making a model of v22 osprey tilt rotor aircraft i'm using the following components
Arduino Mega
2x 2217/6 2300 kv brushless motor
6x micro servo for surface area control
2.4 ghz tx/rx fsct6b
6dof for stabilization
i need help in controlling the bldc motors and servo by arduino mega using the 2.4 ghz tx/rx 


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5 years ago

1. you are new to RC aircrafts
2. you are new to serious programming with the Arduino
Please explain why you want to start with such a complicated design and why you need help to crash it?
And by the way: Giving specific help requires a specific question, which I don't see either.
Servo control is well documented, so there should be no problem...