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V-Gate Motor, what is fake, what is real, why is it not possible Answered

If we look at so called magnet motors than they usually share the common works of a V-Gate somewhere.
So with the energy crisis blooming it might make sense to take a look on how these fance toys are supposed to work, or not work.

You can check Wikipedia and watch a lot of Youtube videos showing magnet motors or just V-Gate magnet toys in operation.
As the name suggests the permanent magnets are placed in a V shape configuration.
Either linear or in a circle / on a drum.
And the working theory suggests that if you place one or two magnets at the right spot in relation to the V than forces will make things move.
It is great fun to play with a V-Gate just to figure out how the magnets actually interact.
The longer you play with it and experiment the closer you think you are to actually make it work.

No matter what you try though there is always a spot or an area where the magnet do the exact opposit of what they are supposed to do, the bind instead of making things move.
Especially in the videos you can see a lot of interesting ways trying to compensate for this or to fool you.
And the thing really no one wants you to know is that the pushing forces you want actually reverse half way through the cycle.
But at this point their forces are already quite low.

Would make sense now to just use that part of the V that actually works and to repeat it, doesn't it?
If you do then you always end up with the same as what you had before, just more sections of it ;)
And since in nature everything is equal we can not make the unwanted forces disappear and only keep the ones we want.
Or can we? ;)

A flywheel is a good option to preserve energy and to store it.
No wonder then that people like to go big and include as many magnets on the drum as possible, preferably big and heavy as well...
And since we can see in some videos that you can even make it spin by moving the magnet bar by hand: How hard can it be to do it properly?
A flywheel needs energy to get going, especially if heavy...
If the system would have the energy to make this spin then for obvious reasons it would only get faster and faster - but none of these toys do this...
And well, moving your hand requires energy too ;)
But combined with a mechanical or magnetic link it shall work just fine, timing is everything...
And so you keep going and trying and in reality get nowhere at all.
As said, you can't have only positive forces without the corresponding negative force(s).

Modern approaches to the problem....
The famous Yildiz generator uses all sorts of tricks.
For example electromagnets to cancel out the field of permanent magnets, powered by internal generator coils of course.
Or shielding around some magnets to direct the magnetic field in other directions.
Others try to use a different angle for the magnets so seemingly one side of the field is stronger than the other.
And the real enthusiast even machine their own magnet shapes from block magnets to get the field lines where they want them to be.
In some case you can even find claims of commercial products in operation, with a convient link to order you own on a long term contract.
This seems to suggest that there is indeed a way to create at least electricity for "free"....
Of course this only made more plausible by the "security packets" included with these lease agreements.
Sealed units, 24/7 remote camera surveillance, online connection for remote monitoring and on the go adjustments....
And, no without the constant feedback from base operations through the online connection the "generators" will just stop.
In a way all this only makes the search for the holy grail of magnetism more interesting.
Just consider this:
If it is worth to waste god knows how much money to create elaborate fakes with supporting websites and articles seeded all over the net, then why is it worth it?
A real money scam would be exposed quite quickly and the websited disappear with the business.
And if it is a real and registered business then they have to make the money somehow in legal ways.

A balanced approach to the realities and options to make V-gate motor/generator as a workable toy....
We know we can cheat and we know we can use modern materials.
To make an interesting toy we would need to make it look and work interesting.
Just a moving drum is boring and prone to be called a fake right away.
Some fancy lever moving the magnet bar is nice but already well too abused to pass.
Gearboxes and cranks however are not used that often due to the complexity of creating them in your garage.
And some mechancial master creation displayed in museums of other places as "perpetual" motion machines are insanely complex.
It comes down to first mapping the areas of negative impact, then finding ways to compensate for them.
Preferably in some fancy optical way.
Like the magician uses slide of hand to fool you you distract the audience by providing them things to focus on.
The more focus on the workings behind it all the more they forget to understand physics ;)
For example: If you want to lift the magnet bar you can use a fancy looking crank wheel that is overbalanced for the binding forced of the magnets - fools the unsuspecting person to think you actually eliminated the forces while in reality the wrong balance causes a problem later in the spin.
And for those who were able to fllow that trail correctly you have something like and additional magnet moving to compensate fr this wrong balance.....
Just make sure you seemingly complete the circle of force elimination back to where it started ;)

Not, it does not come a cow....
And yes, it is a real thing and not a fancy make up free energy freaks created ;)
Unlike normal steel or iron Mumetal is extremely good in directing magnetic fields.
For example the positioning head of your hard drive uses a pair of magnets on Mumetal plates to make sure the close proximity won't affect the disks storing your data.
Now, some people on the net use these features to really fool you badly when it comes to magnets.
From magnets in loudspeakers they misuse the term "shielded" to state Mumetal actuall shield the field of a permanent magnet.
True is only that Mumetal provides pathway for the magnetic field that is thausands of times easier to follow than air.
For example:
A strong manget that still creates a noticable field at let's say 3cm distance.
A Mumetal of 4cm in diameter placed 1cm apart would make the affects of the magnetic field disappear at 3cm.
But not because the field is shielded, because the magnetic field lines now have an easy way to follow.
They just "can't be bothered" anymore to go around the plate.
In terms of utilising these effects for a V-Gate toy we can get really creative indeed.
Some classic V-Gates use a magnet facing north on one side and a magnet facing south on the other side of the magnet bar and drum (left,right).
Proving a Mumetal strip between them increases the field strenght on the other side quite a bit.
It also allows for a much smaller extension of the field to the sides.
And whatever area is covered by Mumetal will not show such a strong field, or none at all.
So it would make sense to create a fancy gearbox to rotate a magnet bar.
With every set of magnets on the drum the magnet bar makes one rotation.
Like a real DV motor so to say.
While the magnets attract each other the "active" side is exposed, and when the point comes where they would start to bind the "shielded" side is exposed to the drum.
And like with all good mechnical toys we would have to find a way to revers the rotationthree times during one rotation of the drum to "compensate" for the reverse changes with a magnet bar that has a fixed spacing.

Pushing instead of lifting....
If two mangnets are used for the magnet bar it becomes obvious that a lot of "force" goes sideways instead of being used to actually push the drum.
Hence the V shape to fool you the shape actually makes pushing possible to start with.
Now read carefully and try to follow so you are not getting fooled by the explanation how to fool other people:
For get an even base of understanding I will start where the closed end and the open end of the V meet on the drum, right where the pushing action starts.
If the distance of the bar magnets dicreses with the V shape than we get even pushing forces working for us without the problem of reversal half way through the rotation.
However we do get insane binding forces right when we get back to the start point of our rotation.
Here we flip the magnet bar one full turn while the drum moves from pushing to pulling/binding.
The direction of this rotation is important as it needs to match what the drum does.
At the point of half rotation of the bar the single magnets move outwards again to be back in the start position once the rotation is complete.
Complex mechanics, I know...
The good thing is that you can always claim you get the energy for the action from the flipping of the magnets and that of course is not done by the mechanis, the magnet bar is flipped by the interaction of the magnets on the drum when the cycle repeats and drives the mechanics due the the inertia of the drum ;)

So, is it possible to make it work without cheating and fooling?
Sure it is.
All you need to do is close the loop and make sure there is always more energy going into moving the drum than stopping it ;)
Of course things would be much easier if you would find a material that actually blocks a magnetic field similar to what an opposing field would do but without the involved repelling forces.
Like sunglasses for magnetic fields so to say.


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