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VAWT a new way to wind generation Answered

guys need help to realise its feasiblity and pros & cons.
This project will comprise of a renewable energy source which is controlled by TI msp430 controller by closed
loop system. This renewable energy source will use a magnetically levitated vertical axis wind turbine with single
phase permanent magnet alternator made by our team. There will be 3 stationary wind guide vanes/flaps of
concave shape on the outer periphery of turbine. These vanes will be controlled by dc gear motor for constant
wind flow and protection against high speed winds. Using perturb & observe MPPT algorithm on DC-DC boost
converter, constant DC voltage for GRID integration is made. A lower energy Bluetooth module will send data
on user computer about whole system parameter, hence making the whole system to be smart and hence data is
saved in database.



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Maybe you could be clearer about the help you need?