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VLSI self test circuitry ? Answered

VLSI testing is process that is used to determine that chip is good or faulty

VLSI chip is tested by test equipment and some self test circuit

just for example we made microcontroller then we can test by automatic test equipment , we use test vector to determine fault

1.test vector < microcontroller chip > output response
2.test vector <microcontroller chip + self test circuit > output response
3.test vector <microcontroller chip +fault model +self test circuit  > output response

Q I did not understand that self  test circuit and fault model  built within vlsi  chip or we connect   external fault model circuit to test VLSI chip ?



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6 years ago

Very Large Scale Integration has enough digital room to allow the designer if he chose to provide a predetermined output response to a series of digital input signals .

JTAG were four or six serial communication lines that would allow control of the chips workings, usually used by the military purchasing departments.

Each VLSI chip design would have a different expectation for the purchasing users.

I would have it clock out a copyright text message in response to a JTAG command in a user programmable chip.