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Vacuum forming heat source Answered


I am planning to build a vacuum forming machine that does not use a seperate oven to heat the plastic. For my 3D printing hobby I have come across many heated beds, also some on 230v. Could something like this (https://www.ebay.com/itm/30X30CM-750W-220V-Silicone-Heater-3D-Printer-Heated-Bed-Pad-30cm-Thermistor/401257671771?hash=item5d6cd22c5b:g:iVEAAOSwx6pYrp70) with a heat sink be used for such an application?



1 year ago

It depends on the temp you need and the size/thickness of the material.
A heated bed could work for anything up that size if the temp is a fit.
Same for heat lamps, heating elements and so on.
Your problem will be even heat distribution without causing spots to overheat or cold area.
There is a reason why people use an oven for the sheets.
One nice alternative, after some tweaking could be to use a laminator.
Higher speed and higher temp and it should be possible to push a sheet through that stays hot enough for proper forming.


1 year ago

Use a room heater (IR/electric) as heating source.