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Valentines Day Contest Answered

I doubt that I would ever have time to enter this contest but I'd thought I'd mention a flaw in the prize format for us pesky Canadians, and other potential areas of the globe as well.  I'd love to win a kindle fire, however they are not available to Canada.  Now I'm sure I could hack a work around for making the Kindle Fire function in Canada, but shipping directly from Amazon to Canada will likely be an issue.  Perhaps ship to instructables HQ and then ship privately to non-US winners (if there are any).  Or, offer a prize value, though I'd prefer the first sneaky work around.  Anyway, just something to think about, awesome second prize regardless.


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9 years ago

I'm pretty sure that the prizes are all shipped directly from Instructables HQ, however you raise a good point if the Kindle doesn't work for us "pesky Canadians". Since I entered the contest (not knowing this), I suppose I have to hope my Instructable is better than or worse than a first place prize. Either that or I'll need your sneaky work around...

Thanks for sharing the information. ;)