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Valentine's Day gifts --Boyfriend Badges Answered

Just posting this as it is seasonally relevant. Anyone looking for a fun, nerdy V-Day present might be interested in checking it out.

My Etsy shop, Boyfriend Badges, sells pin back buttons that are like video game acheivements for couples.  They celebrate off beat relationship moments like farting in front of each other for the first time, drunk make outs, meeting the parents, first road trip, and many more.
The shop was featured twice on Geekologie and last year I released Boy+Boy and Girl+Girl versions of the most popular set.

I've created a couple tiers of promotion for this upcoming V-Day:
Use code LUV2016 for 10% off any Etsy shop purchase.

Share the shop link on your social media and send me a link.  In return, I'll send you a promo code for 20% off your order.

Submit the shop link to your favorite blog (examples --Bored Panda, Kotaku, BuzzFeed, etc). If they feature the shop as a result I'll send you a badge set of your choosing for free!

Thanks for shopping with independent artists for holiday gifts, and for supporting love for everyone!--ashleyjlong


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