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Valve question Answered

Hi all ... my first post is actually a question. I have been searching for the name of a specific type of valve. More specifically the name of the valve in a refillable butane lighter (the intake valve). The little brass valve that is usually at the bottom. I need something similar for a proeject I am working on but after looking for a while I have yet even to come up with a specific name for it. Also, if somebody could tell me where I could find some (doesn't have to be brass - as long as it is metal) ... I need about 20 minimum to begin with. Thank you very much, Iza Bl..


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14 years ago

found this from google (searched butane refill valve) apparently its for a toy steam engine.. http://www.ministeam.com/acatalog/Maier_Parts.html 3rd to last item unfortunately it looks pretty big and they're $6 a peice

other than that i'm not seeing anything specific to anyone actually selling those valves by themselves...it's a pretty "purpose specific" valve (as far as THAT valve is concerned)

in general the valve is just a one way valve...the thing that makes the one on a lighter special is that it's designed for the butane refill cans to fit on them...

could you not just collect all your friend's/family's/family's friends' lighters?