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Vertical Measurement Answered

These vertical measurement things (http://www.volleyballheadquarters.com/volleyball-equipment/training/verticalchallenger.cfm) cost upward of $350!!! Is there any way this can be made on the cheap. All help would be very appreciated. 


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7 years ago

Seems like just a bunch of stacked 1 inch thick rings with metal rods coming out perpendicular to it. They are placed over a central core rod or pole so they pivot out when hit. There is a vertical stop bar so you can push everything back into alignment with a tall pole or broomstick. Find an electrician who can bend some aluminum electrical conduit to shape that overhang and pole. You can then get conduit that fits over it to create the rotating rings. The rest would be mechanical fastening of the "spikes" and stop collars. Good luck.