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Veteran searching for land in Florida with septic and water, electric.....for tent or small cabin living? Answered

Are there any tracts of land in Florida for sale well and septic that I could tent or yurt live?

I am a veteran...and as you know they are getting to reduce or compensation to less then half..from what I have been told..I fall into that category.

So....just trying to prepare...

07 lost everything I had..stage 4 cancer....don't want to wonder the streets.

Any ideas appreciated....boat living, rv living....Florida - near water or ocean

I don't have a lot of money for a down payment.


Ron  rfcollins1956@gmail.com


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3 years ago

Going to be a very hard one this. A land agent is probably your best source of information. Land with full facilities is going to be very rare or expensive.

Perhaps your best bet would be a direct approach to a land owner to rent a small patch of his land, of course no one will want to live next door to you! just a fact of life for tented living. People think it's odd.