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Vibration feeder anyone? Answered

I am planning on building some sorting rig.
Right now I am quite keen to include a vibration feeder system.
You know, like the stff used to transport grain, sweets or aling small parts that run up on the inside of a bowl to come out perfectly aligned.

I serviced these systems in the past but never put too much concern into the actual workings.
The theory is quite simple.
One or two vibrators cause the transported media to move.
This works like a sawtooth wave.
Slowly up and into the right direction, quickly back to where it started.
Adjusting the frequency to change the speed or adjusting the amplitudes to match the weights and other properties of the media is easy - in a properly designed system.
I tried to find some easy to understand information on the relations between actuator direction and media direction in relation to the trasport systems shape and dimensions but only got extreme complex stuff.

In my small scale tests using simple vibration speakers and a frequency generator I had to relise that it is quite hard to find a proper way of mounting the system.
To soft and it is just rattling around, too hard and you need to crank the amp to max to get any action.
Orientation and angle of these mounts also affect the direction and amplitude of the swing caused by the vibrations.
Straight linear I can do, although still not perfect but anything like these feeder bowls only gives me nice vibrations but no movement.
Are there any suitable hobby projects on the web or here?
And decent info on the basic design criteria for those feeder systems that are not closely guarded company secrets?


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