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Video playback Answered

I've recently noticed that embedded Vimeo-hosted videos don't play in Firefox 47. While they don't even show In SRWare Iron or SlimBrowser,  in Firefox the video window is visible and sets up ready to play, but when moused over it displays a meaningless error ("Curses!", "Aw fiddlesticks!", etc.) claiming "This video can't be played with your current setup". "Leg for a wooden table (incredible strength)" is a recent 'ible example.
If I go through the process of searching the page source code for the video (https://player.vimeo.com/video/171982493 in the above example), copy and paste the URL, and go to the link directly, the video plays perfectly, so it's not some browser or other setting that's blocking Vimeo. (Even tried with all browser add-ons disabled - no joy.) I'm not competent enough to troubleshoot the issue, but it's frustrating to have to dissect the page to play embedded videos in a separate tab.
Any work around would be appreciated. Thanks.


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4 years ago

For me this an issue of setup and browser only.
Vimeo IMHO is a pain anyway, in FF I can play them with no problem but only sound, no video.
Chrome refuses some and plays others.
But in any case where Vimeo is integrated in a website it stuffs up.
People should stick to Youtube and similar for videos as it just works with no problem.
It is like uploading files to some unknown file hoster who has tons of pop up - just not user friendly...
Since I can't really use any website with Vimeo links in it I doubt the code monkeys here can do much about it.