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Video/Photog Lighting - COLLABORATE on homebrew Light Panels! Answered

This is the link to the pro version of my project http://www.litepanels.com/

Basically, a light panel is a panel of evenly spaced super bright LED's that you can then mount and place like traditional lighting around your setup. In an ideal world Brightness of 5200K + would be a good place to be. However, I've just learned that lightpanels actually only put out 4900K. And they're crazy expensive. These replace the HUGE softbox and/or Umbrella + lighting combo+ power setups.

So, my suggestion for a group project here is to ... teach ourselves how to make a grid of superbright LED's, arrange them into this matrix, and add a dimmer switch in order to alter the quality of the lights.

If this is something anyone is at all interested in, I would LOVE to collaborate on this project! I just installed the Magic Lantern firmware hack on my camera, and well... the addition of better lighting would help my filming SIGNIFICANTLY. 

I'll post my findings, proposed project plan, and 


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9 years ago

There's actually an instructable here:

however, there's a few differences